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It Takes 2 Movers has been helping people with moving for generations. With years of experience, what we have learnt that every customer has a different requirement. Addressing those requirements has immensely helped us to achieve the position we are today. What started as a small packing and unpacking company has now turned into a full-fledged moving company in Louisiana and California. We give all credits to our customer who trusted us and to our employees who have shown immense dedication to the work they conduct.

Comprehensive Moving Services:

As a top Packing & unpacking company in Murrieta, CA, we have always prioritized the convenience of our customer. We know that moving from one place to other doesn’t only mean transporting from one place to another. It involves carefully packing products, loading them with caution, transporting them to the location and unpacking them as well. So when you hire us, you can customize your services according to your need. Either opt for our full services or a part of it- we will do it with love and care.

Residential and Commercial:

Our moving services cover both residential and commercial properties. All our employees are well-trained and experienced to deliver impeccable services of the highest standards. We use heavy-duty packing materials to eliminate any chances of transportation-related wear & tear.

Heavy Lifting:

Whether it’s a king-size bed or a piano, we can help you pack it with extreme care. Our employees are trained to handle heavy/ fragile material and deliver them to your destination on time.

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